Saltaire XS Belgian Red 7.2%

saltaire xs belgian red

Saltaire XS Belgian Red pours a rich ruby red in the glass with the aromas of banana and caramel.

There isn’t any fruit listed in the ingredients, but you might feel inclined to check the label. It says hints of plum, but we think it’s more like juicy red cherries laced with banana, set against a smooth caramel malt body.

Belgian Reds are sometimes referred to as ‘the Burgundy of Belgium’ – and we think this beer might just be deserving of the title ‘Burgundy of Bradford’.


Food Pairing

There’s good deal of sweetness in this beer that pairs well with salty foods.

If we were in Belgium we might be thinking of the Flemish speciality; ham and endive gratin – but it will works just as well with a plate of Yorkshire Ham and Wensleydale.


4.5/5 (2)

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