Stewart x De Molen Problem Solved Imperial IPA 7.5%

If the “problem” was that you couldn’t find a good beer collaboration between a brewer from Edinburgh and a brewer from Bodegraven, then this could well be the solution.

An extension to Stewart’s First World Problem core range, this collab brings in some Dutch expertise for a Belgian Double IPA that is full-on with sweet fruit.


Amber-orange on the pour with a well-lasting white head and medium carbonation; quite subtle-looking for a Belgian DIPA.


Naturally hoppy, almost grassy, with those obvious bold citrus orange notes coming through, plus grapefruit and mango.


Again subtle for a DIPA but obvious hints of caramel and biscuit, toasted malts; some yeast shining through. Sweet and juicy fruits in abundance: orange, pineapple, melon, maybe even some cherry tang from the sugars moving to a mildly bitter finish.


I have a problem in my life: I need to consume more salad. Well, with this beer I’ll be happy to consume much more (beer that tastes like fruit) salad. Problem solved.

3.5/5 (1)

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