Dark Revolution Bone Idol 9.8%

Welcome to the revolution. It’s surprisingly rich and creamy.

That’s perhaps because in this case the revolution is this imperial brown ale from the Salisbury-based brewery. The beer includes pale, rye, crystal and roasted malt plus wheat and oats, matured in bourbon barrels.


Black and densely rich with a creamy long-lasting tan head


Lots of chocolate and vanilla from the oats and wheat plus those magnum hops and there’s a definitely a whiff of the bourbon from the BA; it’s sweet and slightly sickly yet pretty addictive.


The bourbon without a doubt gives a clear alcoholic buzz but this is balanced well with the oats and chocolate which give some creaminess and richness to leave a soft mouthfeel overall. Nicely complex with a few layers and I always like rye and oats.


Powerful BA notes but the oats shine through nicely. Viva la revolution!

4.5/5 (1)

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