Wild Weather x Weird Beard Kwantum State Kaffir Lime Leaf Saison 7.7%

kwantum state

Kwantum State was created as one half of a collaboration with Weird Beard, in which the objective was to create two new beers, which would then also be blended together 50:50 to create a third (Such a Bohr).

Creating three beers out of two sounds pretty good to us, and there’s definitely an air of magic about this one.

The beer pours a hazy golden colour with a nice cream coloured head and there’s a slightly floral perfumed aroma that includes banana and lime zest.

The taste is dry and peppery just as you’d expect from a Saison, combined with a good level of carbonation and refreshing citrus from the lime leaves.

Food Pairing

Saisons offer a lot of opportunities for pairing because there are so many dimensions to their flavour, and they stand up well to bold flavours without dominating subtle ones.

We suggest pairing the spice and lime of the beer with the same flavours in a Pad Thai.

4.17/5 (3)

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