Double Rye IPA – ABV 8%

Double the rye and hugely hoppy – in this case with American hops such as Citra and Cascade – this dry-hopped IPA is somehow full, bitter and incredibly creamy.

Look: Clear and golden-orange with minimal carbonation.

Aroma: Huge rye notes (duh) plus citrusy hops including grapefruit and orange zest and some sourness. Surprisingly complex layers including an incredibly creamy finish.

Taste: Grapefruit-driven for sweet and sourness with a medium bitter finish. 

Verdict: Amazingly creamy and satisfying with loads of layers to explore. All those in favour say “Rye”… “Rye!”

Frick & Frack Smoked Barley Wine – ABV 11.3%

Thick, syrupy sweet, smokey and malty – this Kees and de Molen collab is smooth and enjoyable – just like a Swiss ice skater.

Look: Pours dark mahogany brown, with a gently foaming off-white head.

Aroma: Sticky syrup and fruit like figs with sweet malt base with orange accents.

Taste: More dark fruit, thick and rich toffee and caramel with some smokiness in the background. Good boozy burn.

Verdict: Lovely smooth, enjoyable stuff – just like ‘Frick’ (Werner Groebli) and ‘Frack’ (Hansruedi Mauch), the Swiss skaters, themselves.

Barrel Project 17.02 Arran Whisky Barrel Aged Barley Wine – ABV 12%

Aged in Isle of Arran whisky barrels, this barley wine  Brouwerij Kees is a deep ruby red with Citra hops giving a complex caramel, liquorice and malt notes. 

Look: A deep ruby red ruby body with foamy creamy head

Aroma: Molasses and caramel start before the liquor and tang of liquorice kick in. Complex layers of rye, malts and some barley notes

Taste: Chocolate and caramel with some slight alcohol burn accompanied by a silky finish plus brunt sugar and creme brulee

Verdict: Gorgeous colour and silky sweet chocolate flavours – I believe Isle have another, please.