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Smokin Bees Whisky Honey Smoked Porter - ABV 10%

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Billed modestly as a classic porter with smoky overtones of a single malt whiskey,, Smokin Bees has a honey sweetness and floral hints to a roast malt backdrop.

Look: Black pour with brown head.

Aroma: Sugary sweet with roasted malts. You can really sense the 100kg of wild flower honey added at the end of the boil, which gives it a beautiful sweetness and floral notes.

Taste: More sweet honey and toffee, plus smoked malts and some spicey accents

Food Pairing: We’d never suggest drinking beer this strong for breakfast, yet we can’t help thinking about pairing it with pancakes, smoked bacon and maple syrup.

Verdict: Delicious heavy sweet beer with artwork of bees smoking cigarettes by Nomad Clan as part of Northern Monk’s Patrons project. It's like no imperial porter you’ve tasted before.

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