Dag & Dauw IPA with Bergamot – ABV 7.1%

Dag & Dauw, De Molen’s seasonal IPA with bergamot is subtly perfumed and beautifully citrusy with sweet lime, pine and refreshing grapefruit crispness.

Look: Dag & Dauw – translation ‘Day & Dew’ – pours a hazy brown in the glass

Aroma: Notes like a citrusy IPA with lime and a touch of perfume.

Taste: There’s pine, grapefruit and peach the hops, with a creamy malt body and more of that perfume the bergamot.

Verdict: It would be easy to overdo the perfume in a beer like this, but De Molen have got the balance just right. So if you thought bergamot was something you only found in hotel toiletries, its time to think again.