Kwantum State Kaffir Lime Saison – ABV 7.7%

Zesty and bold with punctuation of pepper and spice – just like a normal Saison, except this has extra-high levels of citrus the kaffir lime leaves.

Look: The beer pours a hazy golden colour with a nice cream coloured head.

Aroma: There’s a slightly floral perfumed aroma that includes banana and lime zest.

Taste: Dry and peppery just as you’d expect a Saison, combined with a good level of carbonation and refreshing citrus the lime leaves.

Food Pairing: Saisons offer a lot of opportunities for pairing because they stand up well to bold flavours without dominating subtle ones. We suggest combing the spice and lime of the beer with a Pad Thai.

Verdict: Kwantum State was created as one half of a collaboration with Weird Beard, to create two new beers that would then be blended together 50:50 to create a third (Such a Bohr). So this is tasty and economical.