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Amundsen Stout Tasting Box

A celebration of delicious pastry stouts with an average ABV of 10.75% from Amundsen, one of Norways most respected breweries.

The box included 9 variants of their Dessert-in-a-Can series plus three additional beers (Glazed and Confused 2.0, Cool Beans and Tall Stack) to make a selection of 12.

£97.50 non-members / £87.75 members

Nerdbrewing x Three Hills x Steel City x Frontaal

Nerdbrewing of Malmö (Sweden) have acquired a reputation for brewing some of the best Imperial Stouts in Europe.

The box included 3 of their recent releases, 4 variants of BPVAK Imperial Stout from Three Hills of Northamptonshire (UK) along with beers from Steel City of Sheffield (UK) and Frontaal of Breda (Netherlands).

£108 non-members / £97.20 members

Torrside Deluxe Tasting Box

Torrside of New Mills in the Peak District are one of our best loved UK breweries.

The box included 3 hand-numbered 750ml bottles from their ‘Dogs of War’ barrel-aged series, 3 heavily hopped Barley Wines from their ‘Monsters’ series and a pair of IPAs from their main range.

£76 non-members / £68.40 members

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