Old Greg’s Barley Wine – ABV 9.5%

This is the 2016 vintage of this excellent Barley Wine, bottle aged for 12 months, with dried fruit notes like raisins and a sweet complex booziness.

Look: It pours amber with a white head that quickly vanishes.

Aroma: Lots of dried fruit – prunes, dates and raisins in particular.

Taste: Sweet and rich with an undeniable boozy quality. If you leave it to age you can expect the complexity and richness of those fruit flavours to build and reduce any harshness the alcohol.

Food Pairings: The complex dried fruit flavours work really well with chocolate and nuts. Try it alongside a baked banana oozing with Nutella for a luscious dessert.

Verdict: Boozy, rich, sweet and delicious. We’ve been enjoying our small stash of the 2015 vintage over the past couple of months and this is a beer that will only get better with age.