Orkney Porter – ABV 9%

Boozy vanilla and a hint of smoke, plus a long finish of caramel, bitter chocolate and sweet nuttiness Goldings hops plus Chocolate and Barley malts.

Look: Rich mahogany brown on the pour with a nice beige head with lots of lacing and carbonation.

Aroma: Roasted malt plus stone and red fruits.

Taste: There is loads of fruity booziness against the malts which lend it an almost Chianti-like red wine quality.

Food pairing: This beer works well with fattier meats. Try it with a charcoal grilled burger, and let its fruity vinous qualities cut through the grease to cleanse your palate.

Verdict: At 9% ABV this Orkney Porter is more boozy alcohol than its Imperial Stout stablemate and still dangerously quaffable.