Return to Madness Imperial IPA – ABV 11%

Terrific for sipping on the sofa – just be careful when you stand up again. Fruity esters, tropical hops and yeast forces join for a no-holds-barred IPA.

Look: It is thick pouring with a hazy golden colour and a long lasting head.

Aroma: Tropical fruit, pine resin and sweet yeastiness combine in a complex dance  – it’s amazingly easy-going for an 11 percenter. Now that’s madness.

Taste: Sweet, chewy and boozy with fruity esters the yeast, you get a massive hop hit of Aramillo, Vic’s Secret, Centennial and Columbus.

Food pairing: The sweet and heavily hopped flavour is a good match for the salty tang of strong cheese. Try it with a mature cheddar sourdough toastie.