Root of All Evil Beetroot Hefeweizen – ABV 8%

Sweet and nicely spiced, with herbal earthy notes the yeast and beetroot, this bright pink Hefeweizen beer has to be tasted to be understood.

Look: Best served chilled, the beer pours pinkish in the glass with a big foamy head.

Aroma: It has massive aromas of beetroot (duh) with just a hint of forest fruit.

Taste: Sweet with the unmistakable earthiness of beetroot present but never overpowering, and nicely balanced with spiciness the yeast.

Food Pairing: Pair this beer with the salty sharpness of sheep or goat’s cheese. We think it’s the ideal beery accompaniment for a Greek salad.

Verdict: Beetroot. Love it or loathe it, you have to try this sweet, earthy unique brew Time & Tide. It’s like no beer you’ve tasted before.