Skadoosh Second Verse DIPA – ABV 11%

Syrupy-sweetness combines with citrus and hops crispness – dangerously drinkable and surprisingly refreshing despite this being a  whopping 11% DIPA.

Look: The big beer pours golden orange with some foamy head

Aroma: Big resinous tones and lemon zest aroma the hops and yeast.

Taste: It’s all about the big hoppy bitterness that’s loaded with grapefruit, orange, lime and pine needles, balanced by a slightly syrupy-sweetness that makes it very drinkable.

Food Pairing: Salty fried foods are the go-to pairing for big IPAs and by adding chilli you can really take things to the next level. Try this beer with crispy deep fried chilli beef for a mouthwatering combination.

Verdict: It’s big, it’s bold – and it comes with a picture of a panda with a backwards baseball cap. What’s not to love?