Mexicake Imperial Stout – ABV 11%

When it came time to brewing something big and dark, Tempest had just one thing on their mind: cake.

A beer that tasted like a delicious, delectable chocolate cake… how about a Mexican chocolate cake?

Imagine taking a rich, boozy imperial stout, and then infusing it with fresh vanilla beans, high-quality cocoa, Ceylon cinnamon, Chipotle chillies, and Mulato chillies.

Blend it all together, and what you get is a complex and delicious beer with a rich, full mouthfeel, a touch of sweetness the vanilla, ground spice aroma the cinnamon, a touch of fruitiness the Mulato, and a little heat and smoke in the finish the Chipotle.

Rook & Vuur (Smoke & Fire) – ABV 8.2%

Smoked malt and subtle hints of chilli with dark sugar the master brewers of Bodegraven. 

Look: Dark brown with a generous dark beige head.

Aroma: Sweet and smoky like marshmallows being toasted over a campfire.

Taste: Sweet brown sugar, roasted malts and oh so smoky, with a delicate chilli hit right at the end when you’d almost forgotten it was coming. 

Verdict: Like maple candied bacon with a hint of chilli, these flavours were born to be married together. Beautiful.

Fire Rauchbier with Chipotles – ABV 6%

Fire is made with smoked malts and infused with chipotles – smoke-dried jalapeno chillies – for seriously flavoursome, smokey-sweet beer.

Aroma: Big, big aromas of smoke and chilli plus some sweet caramel.

Look: Fire Rauchbier pours dark gold with a nice white head.

Taste: Smoked wood and caramel before the heat of chilli kicks in; heat that gradually builds before reaching a plateau after a few sips, but never dominates the smokey sweetness. 

Food Pairing: This firecracker of a beer demands to be paired with authentic Mexican food. Try it with a selection of tacos for fireworks in your mouth.

Verdict: An absolute scorcher; sweet yet fiery – what a mouthful.