Basqueland Stout – ABV 8.0%

A collaboration with Basqueland Brewing Project. A scrumptious imperial stout bursting with notes of coffee and chocolate. A generous helping of oats and a hint of brown sugar makes this stout exceptionally smooth and gives it a sweet toffee-like finish.

Shattered Dream Salted Chocolate and Caramel Edition – ABV 9.1%

Shattered Dream is the imperial version of our favourite breakfast stout – Broken Dream. Even more unctuous than the original, we’ve amped up the flavours to deliver sweet biscuit, dark chocolate and deep roasted coffee notes. This special edition contains cacao nibs, salt and speciality malts for a salted caramel undertone.


Crate Digger Imperial Coffee Stout – ABV 8.3%

Alphabet’s breakfast stout is packed with smooth and rich coffee and oats but balances chocolate and vanilla notes with a tangy, fruity imperial coffee stout finish.

Look: Pours jet black in the glass thick dark tan foamy head

Aroma: Roasted malt and a just a whiff of coffee.

Taste: Full bodied and smooth with the flavours of roasted malt, chocolate and coffee all in perfect balance.

Food Pairing: Try pairing with the meaty flavour of a shepherds pie, or some grilled mushrooms. 

Verdict: It does everything it says on the bottle, and does it all well. Perfect for a cold dark night in.


Umbral Abyss Imperial Coffee Stout – ABV 11.5%

This beer has its genesis in Black Oktober, amped to the max with brandy-soaked coffee beans to create a dark and brooding beast of an Imperial Stout. 

Look: Pitch black, with no head to speak of.

Aroma: Dark chocolate, liquorice and espresso.

Taste: The sweet intensity of coffee and chocolate is brought to a crescendo with the subtle notes of brandy, sat against a backbone of smooth roasted malt.

Verdict: Full-on, no-holds barred Imperial Stout that lovers of the style won’t fail to appreciate. 

Double Iced Latte – ABV 7.2%

BB date April 2018 but still tastes great!

The idea behind Double Iced Latte was to create something with the creaminess of a latte in combination with the vibrancy of an IPA. The coffee used here is a Kenya Thunguri, sweet roasted for a beautifully rich and full flavour, supplied by our local roaster Tamp Culture. Allergens: Contains Malted Barley, Oats, Lactose

08/02 Imperial Stout – ABV 8.6%

Rich stout with coffee and chocolate notes. This stout is based on London’s imperial stout recipes the 1850’s.