Double Chin – ABV 8.6%

A double version of Beavertown’s first ever beer, “Neck Oil,” brewed to celebrate their Fourth Birthday, everybody who has helped over the years and all those around who make great beer!

Resinous and hoppy, but oh so dangerously drinkable. You will have cake coming out of your eyes.

Super Yakima DIPA – ABV 9.6%

With tropical fruit aromas of passionfruit and mango, this is a full-throttle American-style DIPA with a super-long, bitter finish thanks to the new world hops.

Look: Pours light golden and hazy in the glass with a good off white head.

Aroma: Tropical fruit and pine with intense hoppiness

Taste: There is malt, citrus and passionfruit and mango with a nice long bitter finish the resinous hops.

Food Pairing: Salty meats stand up well to the intensity of the hops in a DIPA. Try this one while nibbling away at a plate of charcuterie.

Verdict: Whatever you look for in an American-style DIPA, this beer has got it.

Megawatt – ABV 8.0%

BB date May 2018

This robust Double IPA was first brewed to commemorate our 100th brew. MEGAWATT encapsulates the excitement and exuberance of our first full year in business. We think of it as a ‘Thank You’ in a bottle to everyone who’s supported us so far. It is now an annual release in December and we mix up the hops year to year to reflect how we are evolving and to showcase new varieties.

The 2017 release coincided with our 800th brew. This year it’s jam packed with juicy New World hops – Ekuanot, Bru1, Mosaic and Falconner’s Flight – for a strong and distinctive brew.

Mango DIPA – ABV 8.0%

Juicy and tropical. This double IPA is packed with Citra, Cascade and Summit hops. Fresh mango adds more juiciness, a full body and smoothness on the mouthfeel. Bitterness is medium to allow the fruit notes to shine through: like the Indian sunshine.

Skadoosh Second Verse DIPA – ABV 11%

Syrupy-sweetness combines with citrus and hops crispness – dangerously drinkable and surprisingly refreshing despite this being a  whopping 11% DIPA.

Look: The big beer pours golden orange with some foamy head

Aroma: Big resinous tones and lemon zest aroma the hops and yeast.

Taste: It’s all about the big hoppy bitterness that’s loaded with grapefruit, orange, lime and pine needles, balanced by a slightly syrupy-sweetness that makes it very drinkable.

Food Pairing: Salty fried foods are the go-to pairing for big IPAs and by adding chilli you can really take things to the next level. Try this beer with crispy deep fried chilli beef for a mouthwatering combination.

Verdict: It’s big, it’s bold – and it comes with a picture of a panda with a backwards baseball cap. What’s not to love?

DIPA with Uiltje Brewing Co – ABV 8.5%

Brewed with a plan to “chuck in a silly and irresponsible amount of hops” including Mitra, and Simcoe, this is packed with pine, fruit and alcohol warmth.

Look: Amber-orange and hazy; fine carbonation with a lasting white head.

Aroma: Pine and tropical fruits such as mango with some spiciness, and grapefruit and zesty orange undertones.

Taste: More fruit – loads of pineapple and pine, nice chewy medium-bodied bite and a dry finish.

Verdict: That ‘silly and irresponsible ‘amount of hops has churned out an unsurprisingly in-your-face DIPA. Solid, solid, stuff. 

Brann & Sceolan IPA ABV 7.2%

BB date April 2018 but still tastes great!

An American-style IPA made with Irish malt and 5 American hop varieties. Piney, citrusy hop flavors are balanced by a full, malt backbone.

Forest for the Trees – ABV 8.6%

We’re bringing a touch of the west coast back home for this winter double IPA. Crystal and Vienna malts provide a hearty backbone and red hue, then we’ve gone all in on heavy hitting Simcoe Cascade, Centennial and Mosaic hops (including Simcoe & Mosaic Cryo® powder). Expect old school bitterness, evergreen aromas and punchy berry hop notes.

Komakino – ABV 8.5%

Pale orange haze offering an aroma of citrus fruit and sweet orange peel leading to a sharp juicy palate of fresh orange juice, pineapple and mango.

Holy Hoppin’ Hell – ABV 9.7%

Made with Citra and Pacific Gem hops, this in-your-face Imperial IPA goes big on grassy and floral aromas with a malty caramel sweetness in the taste.

Look: Murky amber-brown colour with a decent cream head.

Aroma: Floral, fruity and grassy with plenty of creamy caramel.

Taste: Subtle pine and grass with some crisp bitterness riding on dark malt and some caramel chewiness.

Verdict: Watch out with this sneaky fruity chap. The ABV is 9.7% is very well disguised and it’ll creep on you and before you know it you’ll be screaming the beer’s name.