Pompelmocello IPA – ABV 6.0%

The team at Siren say their objective with Pompelmocello was to make a beer as grapefruit tasting as possible. We think they nailed it; beers just don’t come more citrusy than this.

Aroma: Sharp, nonintoxicating sweet and naturally bursting with citrus

Taste: It delivers on extremes of sour and sharp, yet is so drinkable you could almost overlook the alcohol content and swap it out for a morning breakfast juice.

Verdict: Interested in sour beers but don’t know where to start? Start here.

Food Pairing: The sharp, sour flavours go perfectly with salty fried food. Drink it with a bag of good quality pork scratchings or crisps.

51/50 Grapefruit IPA – ABV 7.2%

Ironfire Brewing have taken their iconic 51/50 IPA and have taken it to the next level. By adding plenty of fresh grapefruit, they have created a brew that is hop heavy but still extremely crushable.An IronFire ale for outlaws. With its pungent and dank hop flavour, 51/50 IPA isn’t for those looking for a ‘balanced’ beer. Instead, this is a classic San Diego style IPA with minimal malt flavour, so the hops shine through and blow your mind. Why call it 51/50? Because they’d have to be crazy to put this amount of hops in a beer.

SitiS Imperial IPA – ABV 8.5%

Dedicated to “many years of admiration and friendship” between De Molen and Omnipollo, the Citra and Columbus hops make this IPA sweet hazy and bitter.

Look: Amber-orange and hazy with a small white head.

Aroma: Sweet and fruity; it’s bursting with pineapple, orange and zesty lemon.

Taste: Boozy and robust malts with notes of pine, tropical fruit and some hoppy bitterness. Lasting sweetness in the finish.

Verdict: A fitting dedication to years of friendship. Long may it continue!

Human Cannonball DIPA 2018 – ABV 9.2%

Meet Cannonball’s big brother; we used more malt, more hops and more magical conjuring to crank up the flavour of our explosive IPA Cannonball. Get your taste buds ready for massive pine and candied orange aromas combined with bitter/sweet grapefruit and mango flavours all complemented by a deeply composed, satisfyingly malty base. Ever wondered what it feels like to be shot out of a cannon? Heres what it tastes like