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Analogue Recordings Carsbridge Barrel Aged Red Ale – ABV 13%

From Uiltje’s “most special room” of the brewery comes a full-throttle 13-percenter Red Ale with notes of creamy vanilla and whiskey.

Aroma: Big hits of chocolate and vanilla and of course that boozey kick the Carsbridge whiskey barrels.

Taste: Really full boded – it’s really rare for a Red like this – with whiskey warmth and creamy vanilla sweetness.

Verdict: Just like vinyl records, Analogue Recordings are definitely a welcome part of modern digital life.

Meneer de Uil Wardhead Barrel Aged Imperial Porter – ABV 11.4%

This American-style whisky cask-aged imperial porter, dedicated to 80s cartoon character Mister Owl, is quite simply Uiltje’s most-requested beer ever.

Look: Opaque black, with a tan head that lasts pretty well. Medium carbonation

Aroma: Deep rich malty base with some light whisky accents, plus hints of spice and liquorice.

Taste: More malts and whiskey smokey sweetness. Medium body made of dark chocolate, coffee and sugar with rich boozy tones.

Verdict: Dank u wel, Meneer de Uil (Thanks very much, Mister Owl)!

Leeds Lurking Cherry Coffee Imperial Porter – ABV 10%

A beautiful-looking porter that’s dark and rich, with similarly gorgeous can artwork by photographer Tom Joy, this is a collab with Other Half New York.

Look: Clear brown-black colour with a large, off-white frothy head. Soft carbonation and great lacing that lasts.

Aroma: Malty and sweet; loads of sweet cherry and chocolate notes, with some coffee beans underneath.

Taste: Huge roasted malt and coffee hits for persistent, bittersweet layers. More cherry notes fading to dark sweet malt. Medium- to full-bodied.

Verdict:  This is one lurker we actually want to stick around.

Subluminal Imperial Stout – ABV 10%

This is just a boisterous, chewy imperial stout with bags of fruit, creamy chocolate and character,  Buxton and Stillwater Artisanal in Baltimore.

Look: Jet back with a small beige head, good amount of lacing and low carbonation.

Aroma: Chocolate and vanilla, creamy coffee plus dark fruits such as blackcurrants and raisins.

Taste: Intense complex layers of bittersweet hops, milk and dark chocolate and more rich sweet fruit. Rich and creamy mouthfeel, super-full-bodied.

Verdict: Another solid gold hit Buxton’s increasing line of stonking imperial stout collabs. Subluminal, yes, but sub-optimal? Goodness, no.

Rio Reserva 2012 St Emilion & Bourbon Barrel Aged Quadrupel – ABV 10.5%

This imperious BA quad was aged in St. Emilion barrels Tour Baladoz winery near Bordeaux, and then Kentucky bourbon barrels for layers of intense flavour.

Look: Dark amber-red with a small beige head and medium carbonation.

Aroma: Rich roasted malts, caramel, toffee and vanilla, all riding a wave of boozy fruit sweetness.

Taste: Sweet caramel and robust maltiness, some light yeast and vanilla notes floating through. Forest and red fruits the wine before drying to bitter, fresh finish.

Verdict: The best of American whisky and the best of French wine makes this Belgian quadrupel an international masterpiece.

Tsjeeses Reserva 2014 Bourbon Barrel Aged Belgian Strong Ale – ABV 10%

Aged in oak for six months, this is the amped version of De Struise’s Belgian Ale with spices, cane sugar and yeast for a gorgeous sticky, boozy finish.

Look: Pours a clear golden-amber with a small off-white head and medium carbonation.

Aroma: Boozy vanilla sugar syrup with caramel and toffee with loads of fruit: banana, apricot, peach and orange.

Taste: Some of the rich malts coming through followed by the alcohol taste and warmth and notes of fresh and dried fruit. Medium-bodied with a sweet and a hoppy, boozy finish.

Verdict: Take a De Struise Belgian Strong Ale and then barrel age it. Of course this is delicious.

Midnight Imperial Porter – 12%

A no-holds-barred Imperial Porter with powerful boozy aromas dotted with some spicy accents and plenty of roasted malt and dark chocolate.

Look: Dark brown / black colour with large beige head.

Aroma: Big on roasted malt and dark chocolate, syrupy with some spice notes (cinnamon).

Taste: Dark rich chocolate, coffee and cocoa beans, roasted malt and even some forest fruits. A subtle hint of liquorice, all backed up with toffee and caramel to hide the alcohol well.

Verdict: Boozy, dark and dangerous. Just how an Imperial Porter should be.

White Cell White Imperial Stout – ABV 9.7%

This collaboration between Time and Tide and Weird Beard is packed with Sorachi Ace hops, coffee and cocoa nibs for a full-bodied, toffee / mocha coffee finish.

Look: Yellow gold in colour and clear, with a foamy, white head and small levels of carbonation.

Aroma: Cocoa nibs and coffee lead the way with a mocha / milky latte sweetness backed up with biscuity breadiness and waves of toffee and caramel plus some light citrus twangs.

Taste: Full and chewy with more of that sweet milky coffee, biscuit and toffee. Good level of alcohol warmth with more toffee and caramel the cocoa nibs.

Verdict: Sticky, sweet and satisfying – like enjoying a latte and biscuit in one. This is a Cell we would happily be locked up in.

Polygraph – ABV 7.4%

Rich, smooth and malty on the palate yet with a crisp hoppy finish, this full-flavoured stout packs a lot of fruit, coffee and chocolate into just 7.4% ABV.

Look: Pours a hazy brown with creamy tan head that lasts and fair lacing.

Aroma: Waves of dark stone fruits with some citrus accents, chocolate and rich espresso.

Taste: Deep rich mocha coffee with roasted malts and notes of toffee and chocolate plus more stone fruits such as berries and cherries. Crispens up at the finish with some dry hop bitterness dry. Smooth mouthfeel and medium carbonation.

Verdict: With the Polygraph, we cannot tell a lie – it’s delicious. Full of flavour and character and it’s only 7.4% – that’s almost session material.

Last Minute Spiced Porter – ABV 7.1%

This collab with Birrificio Lambrate is a Christmas pudding party of plums, prunes and spicy ginger and cinnamon, backed up on rich roasted cholcolate malts.

Look:  Pours very dark brown with a thin, foamy tan head and nice carbonation.

Aroma: Big chocolatey roasted malts with loads of spicy tones including ginger and cinnamon.

Taste: Christmas comes early to your mouth with spices, hints of zesty orange and pepper, stone fruit like plums, all baked up in a malty pudding. Really full on the palate with a smooth mouthfeel and soft carbonation.

Verdict: A boozy beauty of a spiced porter. If you can wait until the festive season, this one will light up your world like a Christmas tree.