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Ryesing Tides Rye IPA – ABV 7%

Citrus and tropical fruit, including grapefruit and tangerine American hops, zing over the top of spicy rye and a malty toffee base in this seasonal IPA.

Look: Pours gold and hazy with a thin white head that quickly vanishes.

Aroma:  Pineapple, grapefruit and peach with just a hint of spice the rye.

Taste: There is a velvety smooth mouthfeel and an explosion of pine, grapefruit and tangerine against a toffee caramel body – again with an accent of spice the rye.

Food pairing: Try pairing this beer with a scotch egg. The tropical hop profile works really well with the salty crispy outer, and the spice of the rye is a lovely contrast with the creaminess of the egg.

The Great Cornholio – ABV 8.4%

A really full-bodied, thick double IPA, backed full of really multi-dimensional hops. Mosaic and Chinook combine with a pair of South Pacific varieties for a layered amalgamation of citrus, pine and spice. That’s backed up by a peppery spiciness the buckets of rye added to the grist.

Double Rye IPA – ABV 8%

Double the rye and hugely hoppy – in this case with American hops such as Citra and Cascade – this dry-hopped IPA is somehow full, bitter and incredibly creamy.

Look: Clear and golden-orange with minimal carbonation.

Aroma: Huge rye notes (duh) plus citrusy hops including grapefruit and orange zest and some sourness. Surprisingly complex layers including an incredibly creamy finish.

Taste: Grapefruit-driven for sweet and sourness with a medium bitter finish. 

Verdict: Amazingly creamy and satisfying with loads of layers to explore. All those in favour say “Rye”… “Rye!”