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We are Imperial Beer Club, the only beer club dedicated to exploring the world of imperial strength beer.

We provide limited release boxes of adventurous, high strength beer with an emphasis on big, bold flavours.  You can purchase directly from this page, and we also provide a membership option that provides discount for regular customers.

Our latest box is

Wander Beyond x Cloudwater x Kernel x Kees x Black Iris

  • Wander Beyond Mollusca Imperial Chocolate Orange Stout – 11% (440ml)
  • Wander Beyond Tito NE DIPA – 8.6% (440ml)
  • Wander Beyond Colossal Creek Raspberry & Cherry Imperial Berlinner Weisse – 9.6% (440ml)
  • Cloudwater Number of the Yeast QIPA – 12% (440ml)
  • Cloudwater A Big & Juicy DIPA – 8.5% (440ml)
  • Cloudwater Are we Unique? DIPA – 9.2% (440ml)
  • Cloudwater A Beautiful Horse DIPA – 8.5% (440ml)
  • Kernel India Double Porter – 7.5% (330ml)
  • Kernel Export Stout – 7.8% (330ml)
  • Kees Export Porter 1750 – 10.5% (330ml)
  • Kees Barley Wine – 11.5% (330ml)
  • Black Iris I Would Brew 500 Gyles Blueberry Vanilla Lactose IPA – 7% (440ml)

Wander Beyond are brewing some of the most innovative beers in the UK at the moment and we are excited to share 3 of their latest creations with you.

Mollusca is a sumptuous Imperial Chocolate Orange Stout, Tito is a soft-bodied DIPA and Colossal Creek is an experimental Imperial Berliner Weisse fermented on nearly 3/4 tonne of raspberries and cherries.

Cloudwater make some of the finest IPAs in the world and we think Number of the Yeast is their masterpiece; a 12% Quadruple IPA that we fell in love with at first taste.  One beer from Cloudwater is never enough so we’ve also included 3 more of their latest DIPAs for you to taste and compare.

The beers from Kernel and Kees are Imperial Beer Club favourites that some of you may be familiar with. They are a reminder that beer doesn’t have to be made with ground unicorn horn or horseradish for it to be an enjoyable and memorable experience.

The box is rounded off with a special beer from Black Iris to commemorate their 500th brew. I Would Brew 500 Gyles is a Blueberry Vanilla Lactose IPA that really showcases their brewing talent.

If you’re looking to treat yourself to some world class beer then this ticks all the boxes.

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