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Our latest box


We are delighted to share this fantastic box from Wild Beer Co.

We love their passion for unusual ingredients, foraging and barrel ageing  – and at the ‘interesting’ end of their range they make some truly outstanding beers.

The box will take you from Modus Operandi (the beer that started the brewery) through a vast array of ingredients, barrels and blending to their greatest imperial strength hits in Wildebeest and Wineybeest.

The pinnacle of the box is perhaps their most special beer of all time, Yadokai Unique Edition.

Here’s whats in the box:

  • Yadokai Unique Edition – Sake Inspired + Yuzu + Sea Buckthorn + Seaweed (750ml) 13%
  • Wineybeast 2019 – Imperial Stout + Wine Barrels + Time (750ml) 10.5%
  • Beyond Modus VI – Barrel Aged + Blended + Special Addition (750ml) 8%
  • Wildebeest – Chocolate + Vanilla + Coffee (330ml) 11%
  • BABS II – Barrel Aged + Blending + Imperial Stout (330ml) 12.5%
  • Dr Todd 2019 – Smoky + Spicy + Honey + Ginger + Barrels (330ml) 9.7%
  • BA Ninkasi – Barrels + Ninkasi + Time (330ml) 9%
  • Zintuki – Blending + Sour + Ninkasi (330ml) 7.3%
  • Modus Operandi – Old Ale + Oak Aged 90 days + Wild Yeast (330ml) 7%

Limited release of just 36 boxes.

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