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We are Imperial Beer Club, the only beer club dedicated to exploring the world of imperial strength beer.

We provide limited release boxes of adventurous, high strength beer with an emphasis on big, bold flavours.  You can purchase directly from this page, and we also provide a membership option that provides discount for regular customers.

Our latest box is

Wander Beyond x Mobberley Brewhouse x Cloudwater x Neon Raptor x Chorlton Brewing x Kernel x Cotswold Brew Co

  • Wander Beyond Octopod Double Milkshake IPA 12% (440ml)
  • Wander Beyond x Vault City Louie Imperial Chocolate Stout – 11% (440ml)
  • Cloudwater Fireflies at Gage Hill Homestead TIPA – 11% (440ml)
  • Neon Raptor Hippo Launcher DIPA – 8% (440ml)
  • Neon Raptor Halo Effect DIPA – 8% (440ml)
  • 2nd Shift (USA) Cat Spit Oatmeal Stout – 7% (473ml)
  • Mobberley Brewhouse Open Secret NZ DIPA – 8.6% (440ml)
  • Chorlton Brewing x Schneeule Marzen Weisse – 7% (330ml)
  • Kernel Imperial Brown Stout – 9.1% (330ml)
  • Cotswold Brew Co Imperial Pilsner – 7.3% (330ml)

This box includes big hitters from Wander Beyond and Cloudwater.

Wander Beyond’s Octopod Double Milkshake IPA (12%) has been one of the most talked about beers of 2019, so we’re excited to be sharing it along with Louie, their Imperial Chocolate Stout (11%) brewed in collaboration with Vault City.

Fireflies at Gage Hill Homestead (11%) is the latest triple IPA from Cloudwater and another superb demonstration of their wizardry with the humble hop.

We also have double IPAs from Neon Raptor and Mobberley Brewhouse, and modern interpretations of classic styles from Kernel, Cotswold Brew Co and Chorlton Brewing.

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