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We are Imperial Beer Club, the only beer club dedicated to imperial strength beer.

We specialise in limited-release boxes of adventurous, high strength beer from the best breweries in the UK and around the world – with an emphasis on big bold flavours.

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Our latest box

To Øl x Nerdbrewing

Our final box of 2021.

It features a decadent selection from To Øl and Nerdbrewing, perfect for treating yourself or someone else this festive season.

Here’s what’s in the box:

  • To Øl Yule M%&?!&K Bourbon BA Imperial Stout (375ml) 14.5%
  • To Øl Goliat Bourbon BA Imperial Coffee Stout (375ml) 13.7%
  • To Øl Jule Malt Imperial Milk Stout (330ml) 13%
  • To Øl Liquid Confidence Rum BA Imperial Stout (375ml) 12.2%
  • Nerdbrewing Xmas Override 2021 Imperial Chocolate Orange Milkshake Stout (330ml) 11.1%
  • Nerdbrewing Implements: Coffee & Coconut Imperial Chocolate Truffle Stout (330ml) 11.7%
  • Nerdbrewing Barrel Series 010 Cognac & Bourbon BA Barley Wine (330ml) 13.2%
  • Nerdbrewing Malloc Imperial Milk Stout w/Toasted Pecan Nut (330ml) 11.1%
  • Nerdbrewing Malloc Imperial Milk Stout w/Toasted Pistachios (330ml) 11.1%
  • Nerdbrewing Recursion Imperial Rye Stout w/Toasted Caraway Seeds (330ml) 10.2%
  • Nerdbrewing Classcast Imperial Milk Stout w/Caramel and Tonka Beans (330ml) 10.2%

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