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We are Imperial Beer Club, the only beer club dedicated to exploring the world of imperial strength beer.

We provide limited release boxes of adventurous, high strength beer with an emphasis on big, bold flavours.  Each box is available on general sale, and we also provide a membership option that provides discount for regular customers.

Our latest box

Weird Beards 6 Beards of Darkness

This box celebrates all that is dark, complex and delicious with a mix of classic styles, experimental flavour combinations and exquisitely barrel aged versions of some of their best beers from 2018.

It includes classics like Sadako Imperial Stout and their latest creation – Impy Hating Hippy, a cardamom and rose petal imperial stout which has to be tasted to be believed.

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This limited release box is available to purchase until 24 March 2019 (subject to availability)

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