We’re always interested in working with new breweries and importers.

We provide an effective sales channel that can also be used to introduce breweries to a new audience. There are no up-front costs, and we pay a fair and price for the beer we sell.

Unlike other beer clubs we’ll never ask you to sell beer for less than it costs to produce.

Our members and customers enjoy discovering new beers and brewers, but they’re also a discerning bunch so it’s vital that we select the highest quality, interesting beer for our boxes.

If you’d like to submit a sample for consideration please contact

Being an imperial strength club, we only consider beers with an ABV of 7% or more (in the case of rarities we’ll occasionally lower this to 6%).

Boxes are made available on a strictly limited-release basis for purchase by our members and other customers.

Here’s how it works:

  1. We agree the contents and price of each box with the producer, importer or wholesaler (you). There’s no fixed format to our boxes, but we’ve provided a number of ideas below, and we’ll work with you to help ensure the box appeals to our members.
  2. You ring-fence an agreed amount stock for an agreed period of time (e.g. 2 weeks) to ensure availability.
  3. We promote the box to thousands of beer buyers via email, our website, social media and other platforms (e.g. Eebria)
  4. We take orders for the boxes via our online shop
  5. You receive orders directly via the Eebria platform, book a courier delivery and pack the beer. Packaging and courier costs are paid for by us.
  6. At the end of the promotion (see 2) you raise an invoice for orders fulfilled and we pay for the beer (within 3 working days).

In order to work with us you must have a selling account with Eebria, and ship beer from premises with a retail premises licence. The usual Eebria terms and conditions will apply to any sales we make.

Ideas for curating a box with us:

  1. Brewery showcase box – a selection of stronger beers from a single producer
  2. Collaboration – join forces with another brewer
  3. Themed box – this could be based around an event (e.g. your beer festival), a location (e.g. your city), a beer style or anything else you can think of!
  4. Drink-me, Keep-me boxes – many of our customers enjoy ageing beer and seeing how the flavour develops over time – this could be a good idea if you have a limited selection of stronger beers suitable for ageing.
  5. Clearance boxes – as long as the beer tastes great, is clearly described and represents great value – we’ll consider short-dated or out-of-date beer.

Curating a box is a great way of reaching new customers, with no risk or upfront costs – and you’ll receive a fair price for any beer we sell.

Ready to work with us?

Send me an email to and let’s talk about creating a great box of beer!