Like most good ideas Imperial Beer Club was conceived over a pint of beer.

We wanted to create a club based on stronger, adventurous beers with big, bold flavour profiles and unusual ingredients. In short, the type of beer club we’d want to join – if it was available.

In November 2016 Imperial Beer Club was born, and people liked it!

July 2017 saw us expand our subscription options, and add an online bottle shop to cater for a broader range of tastes. For the first time it gave us the freedom to work outside the fixed budget of a monthly box, and we began stocking more imported rarities.

We’ve always been proud to specialise in imperial strength beer, but in November 2017 we agreed to become part of Ales by Mail Ltd to get the benefits of a larger operation.

It was supposed to secure the future of the club, but in early 2018 it became clear Ales by Mail were experiencing problems and when they ceased trading in July 2018 – Mark stepped in to reacquire the club.

We took a short break, reflected on what we’d learnt and set about building a better, more flexible beer club – one with the freedom to go wherever the beer takes us.

In September 2018 we relaunched with a new format club.

We aim to provide the best bits of a subscription and bottle shop – giving our members access to curated selections of beer at a discount, without the monthly commitment.

Interested in exploring the world of imperial strength beer? Click here to become a member.