Flat White Breakfast Stout – ABV 7.4%

Surprisingly pale for a coffee stout, hence the ‘white’ in the name, this is dominated by coffee and hoppy bitterness with a medium body and malty mouthfeel.

Look: Golden-orange and slightly hazy.

Aroma: Packed with rich roast coffee and some subtle piney grassy hops.

Taste: Layers of zesty orange and bitter citrus notes with that espresso zing still prominent; some nice sweetness the malts towards the finish.

Verdict: A really unique coffee-driven stout that packs a powerful espresso punch while remaining a hoppy, light orange colour. It won’t leave you feeling flat, that’s for sure…

Crate Digger Imperial Coffee Stout – ABV 8.3%

Alphabet’s breakfast stout is packed with smooth and rich coffee and oats but balances chocolate and vanilla notes with a tangy, fruity imperial coffee stout finish.

Look: Pours jet black in the glass thick dark tan foamy head

Aroma: Roasted malt and a just a whiff of coffee.

Taste: Full bodied and smooth with the flavours of roasted malt, chocolate and coffee all in perfect balance.

Food Pairing: Try pairing with the meaty flavour of a shepherds pie, or some grilled mushrooms. 

Verdict: It does everything it says on the bottle, and does it all well. Perfect for a cold dark night in.