Arabier – ABV 8%

Enjoy the best of both worlds, the classic flavours of Belgian yeast dry-hopped to deliver an unusually bitter Belgian ale.

Look: Pours golden with lots of long lasting white foam.

Aroma: Fruity esters and citrus/pine.

Taste: Full-bodied and malty, lots of fruit the yeast combined with bitterness the hops to deliver a fresh tasting and refreshing beer.

Verdict: De Dolle continue to produce beers that give a fresh twist to traditional Belgian brewing.

Oerbier – ABV 9%

Strong, dark Belgian strong ale made with no less than 6 malts and a characteristic sourness.

Look: Hazy dark brown with a beige head.

Aroma: Sweet prunes stewed in red wine.

Taste: Sweet, spicy and fruity with a slightly tart acid finish.

Verdict: De Dolle once again demonstrate why they are one of the great innovators of Belgian brewing. A superbly balanced beer that you’ll want to drink again and again.

Dulle Teve (Mad Bitch) – ABV 10%

dulle teve

De Dolle’s yeast-forward, high-density Belgian Tripel made with pale malt and candi sugars taking it to double digit ABV.

Look: Pours hazy orange with a thin fluffy white head.

Aroma: Fruity esters of banana, mango and bready yeast.

Taste: Stone fruit and caramel balance out the yeast and with some citrus sharpness and a nice long bitter finish.

Verdict: This mad bitch is a beautifully balanced Tripel that gives you more of everything; yeast, hops and alcohol. Superb.