Straffe Hendrik Quadruple – ABV 11%

Brewed by the last active brewery in Bruges, this quad is dark, chewy, malty and complex, thanks to its blend of specialty malts and Saaz and Styrian hops.

Look: Deep ruby brown and hazy with a large foamy beige head that lasts well.

Aroma: Dark chocolate and roasted malts plus loads of dark fruits: cherries, plums and blackcurrants

Taste: More forest fruits, backed up by caramel and sticky, syrupy sweetness. Some spicy hoppy accents and noticeable but overall well-hidden booziness in a medium-full body and clean dry finish.

Verdict: A living legend – and one that changes: let this quad age for a few months to get a richer taste profile. The last of its kind but still going strong.