Imperial IPA – ABV 9.5%

This unashamedly old-school imperial IPA is a golden hazy colour with sweet dried fruit and orange marmalade notes, plus lots of alcohol warmth and toffee.

Look: It pours golden in the glass with a small slightly off-white head :

Aroma: Lovely sunshine notes of citrus, pine and just a hint of pineapple.

Taste: First you get grapefruit and orange marmalade with lots of booziness, set against a backbone of slightly sweet toffee and dried fruit.

Food pairing: The beer sits slightly toward the sweeter end of the spectrum for a strong IPA so try serving it with sticky, sweet jerk chicken.

The hops will cut right through any grease, while the spices accentuate the booziness of the beer. Win-win.

Belgian Red – ABV 7.2%

Cherry – that’s the main ingredient and the main colour of this rich Belgian Red, with nutty continental malts and Saaz and Hersbrucker hops.

Look: Saltaire XS Belgian Red pours a rich ruby red in the glass with the aromas of banana and caramel.

Aroma: There isn’t any fruit listed in the ingredients, but you might feel inclined to check the label. It says hints of plum, but we think it’s more like juicy red cherries laced with banana, set against a smooth caramel malt body.

Food Pairing: There’s good deal of sweetness in this beer that pairs well with salty foods. If we were in Belgium we might be thinking of the Flemish speciality; ham and endive gratin – but it will works just as well with a plate of Yorkshire Ham and Wensleydale.

Verdict: Belgian Reds are sometimes referred to as ‘the Burgundy of Belgium’ – and we think this beer might just be deserving of the title ‘Burgundy of Bradford’. Delicious.

Imperial Stout – ABV 8.9%

Malts and coffee dominate but there’s a lovely background of freshly ground coffee beans and dark chocolate, plus sweet spiciness the Brambling Cross hops.

Look: Saltaire XS Imperial Stout pours dark brown in the glass, topped with a tan head.

Aroma: Rich roasts with dark chocolate and a hint of forest fruits.

Taste: It’s reminiscent of a hot Italian espresso made with freshly ground beans, rich and fruity – and there’s a subtle spiciness Brambling Cross hops added late in the boil.

Food Pairing: The roasted malts in this beer pair really nicely with chocolate. Try it with a nice thick slice of chocolate cake, and to add some creamy contrast a good dollop of whipped cream.

Verdict: The hops definitely take a backseat with this one; it’s definitely the malts that are driving this forward. And that’s a vehicle we’d be happy to ride in.