West by Three Berry White IPA ABV 7%

Oh, baby.

West by Three’s first interpretation of the modern milkshake IPA style is loaded with Rhubarb, Blackberries, Raspberries and Oats. An addition of Lactose blends with the oats to create a smooth full body, that we are sure the ‘Walrus of Love’ himself would enjoy.

The Vermont yeast allows the late additions of Amarillo, Mosaic and Citra to shine through and blend with the Berries and Rhubarb to form our Berry White IPA. This combination results in complex aroma and flavours; tart, juicy, and aromatic but without bitterness.

Finished with low carbonation to keep things silky smooth, you will be left wanting more.

West by Three Abbey Tripel ABV 10.7%

This beer has all of the hallmarks of Belgian Strong Ale, it is light bodied with notes of plum, apricot and citrus fruits.

Surprisingly refreshing for a high gravity strong ale, this monster comes across session-able but beware, at 10.7% it’s a strong one. In the words of Ice Cube “check yourself, before you wreck yourself” and enjoy this fantastic example of a Belgian style tripel ale responsibly.

If you have any left-over, it is perfectly age-able and will mature in your cellar, we recommend a minimum of 6 months before there is a noticeable change in flavour.

Serving Directions: Chill the bottle in the fridge. Once chilled, pour 2/3 of the bottle into a glass with a generous lemon slice. Swirl the bottle to wash all of the yeast into the remaining beer and then pour directly into the glass.