Magic Rock : Bearded Lady Dessert Edition – ABV 10%

Bearded Lady Imperial Stout Bourbon aged Stout with Cacao Nibs, Vanilla & Cinnamon

Six month Woodford Reserve Bourbon barrel aged version of the double-mashed imperial stout Bearded Lady.

The barrel ageing softens the beer adding rich bourbon, sweet vanilla and a hint of oak. Dessert Edition is further aged with additions of Venezuelan Cacao Nibs, Madagascan Vanilla and Indian Cinnamon, adding satisfying chocolate flavours and a hint of spice.

Powerful, robust, intriguing, yet decadently smooth and sumptuous.

Magic Rock collab. De Molen: De Molé 10%

Collaboration with De Molen – double mashed and double brewed using 6400Kg of malt. Along with Chillies, Cacao Nibs, Cinnamon, Coriander and Pumpkin Seeds.

Mind Control – ABV 8.0%

An 8% double IPA using Golden Promise, Oats and Wheat in the mash for a smooth rounded mouthfeel. Heavily hopped in whirlpool and dry-hop at around 13g/l with Simcoe, Amarillo, CTZ and Mosaic Lupulin powder, de-bittered leaf pellets and LupuLN2 pellets. The hops giving familiar citrus and stone fruit flavours with a slightly dank edge. The beer was fermented with London Ale II, which adds a berry/stone fruit aroma and a slightly sweet finish.

Botany of Desire – ABV 8.7%

An 8.7% Double IPA, featuring house Golden Promise, Wheat Malt and Pinhead Oats for a creamy hazy body. Hopped at around 18g/l with Mosaic, Citra, Simcoe and Denali which give tropical pineapple, citrus and stone fruit flavours and then fermented with a mixture of WLP644M (Brett Trois) and our house WLP001 (US ale yeast) for a bright tropical aroma and tart finish reminiscent of breakfast juice. We also added over 100kg of honey in fermentation which adds a perception of natural sweetness to the finish. The name is taken a 2001 book by the journalist Michael Pollan.

Magic Rock Cannonball ABV 7.4%

Cannonball is an India Pale Ale in the true tradition, high in alcohol and massively hopped to survive a long sea voyage. We don t want you to wait though, crack the cap and let the flavour explode on your palate. Tropically fruity, resinous hops compete against a sweet malty backbone, while a rasping bitterness builds to a mouth puckering crescendo. Our hop bomb might just blow you away

Human Cannonball DIPA 2018 – ABV 9.2%

Meet Cannonball’s big brother; we used more malt, more hops and more magical conjuring to crank up the flavour of our explosive IPA Cannonball. Get your taste buds ready for massive pine and candied orange aromas combined with bitter/sweet grapefruit and mango flavours all complemented by a deeply composed, satisfyingly malty base. Ever wondered what it feels like to be shot out of a cannon? Heres what it tastes like

Un-Human Cannonball Triple IPA 2018 – ABV 11.0%

Un-Human Cannonball is an 11% Triple India Pale Ale, with a very pale and simple Golden Promise malt body designed to let the hops shine.

Once a year we receive the latest crop of hops the US, intensely aromatic and bursting with potential they’re begging to be put to work. With three times the quantity of hops of our explosive IPA ‘Cannonball’ and even more than our flagship Double IPA ‘Human Cannonball’ we’ve created a fitting tribute to the new hop release with this our annual homage to the hop. ‘Un-Human Cannonball ‘takes IPA to another dimension-balancing massive citric aroma, deep tropical fruit flavour and gravity defying drinkability to deliver a hop experience that is out of this world. We’ve done our best for the hops, don’t let them down by ageing this beer: please drink as soon as Un-Humanly possible!

Un-Human Cannonball is an annual release, once this batch is gone that’s it until next year.

Neo-Human Cannonball DIPA 2018

A New England update on our Double IPA Human Cannonball, this DIPA uses a high percentage of oats and wheat in the grist for a creamy smooth mouthfeel. We eliminated the bittering and moved the majority of whirlpool hops over to the dry hopping to maximise aroma. Fermented with London Fog yeast for an estery aroma and sweet finish the beer is served way more hazy than the original to maximise the flavour expression.