Seafaring Imperial Stout – ABV 8%

Amazing levels of fruitiness and carbonation an Imperial Stout – even notes of zesty orange can be found floating on the dark chocolate and malt base.

Look: The beer pours with a good sized light brown head and plenty of carbonation with a slowly receding head.

Aroma:  Plenty of chocolate and forest fruits, and an addition of oranges and sticky dates on the palate.

Taste: There’s a level of fruitiness you don’t usually get with an Imperial Stout – more forest fruits and dark creamy chocolate, too.

Verdict: With the intense flavours and high carbonation it almost reminds us of a dark Belgian beer. In a good way.

Food pairing: We wouldn’t normally think about fish and chips with an Imperial Stout. However on this occasion the fruity flavours are a good contrast to the creaminess of the fish, and that carbonation will cut right through any greasiness the batter.

Old Norway Orcadian Barley Wine – ABV 8%

Sweet maltiness plus dried apricots and dates – this is surprisingly light for a Barley Wine, with a great crisp and fresh finish for easy drinking.

Look: Old Norway has a big golden pour with a long lasting white head and lots of lacing.

Aroma: Raisins, dried apricots and dates with the freshness of pine needles.

Taste: On the palate you get lots more of that dried fruit melded with the alcohol.

Verdict: It’s a little lighter in alcohol and intensity than you’d usually expect a Barleywine and is easy drinking as a result. You might just forget it’s an 8% ABV beer.

Food pairing: Stilton and Barleywine is a classic pairing. When the sweet maltiness of the beer meets the intense saltiness of the cheese; wonderful things start happening on your palate.

Orkney Porter – ABV 9%

Boozy vanilla and a hint of smoke, plus a long finish of caramel, bitter chocolate and sweet nuttiness Goldings hops plus Chocolate and Barley malts.

Look: Rich mahogany brown on the pour with a nice beige head with lots of lacing and carbonation.

Aroma: Roasted malt plus stone and red fruits.

Taste: There is loads of fruity booziness against the malts which lend it an almost Chianti-like red wine quality.

Food pairing: This beer works well with fattier meats. Try it with a charcoal grilled burger, and let its fruity vinous qualities cut through the grease to cleanse your palate.

Verdict: At 9% ABV this Orkney Porter is more boozy alcohol than its Imperial Stout stablemate and still dangerously quaffable.

BA Orkney Porter Arran Bere Whisky Cask Edition – ABV 11.5%

Roasted malts dotted with sherry sweetness and a strong ABV – this BA porter is like Arbor’s Goo Goo G’Joob with a fruity twist. It’s that good.

Look: Swannay’s BA Orkney Porter has a good level of carbonation with a light brown head that quickly vanishes – just as you’d expect for beer with double digit ABV.

Aroma: A fruity porter and booziness the whisky barrels in absolutely perfect balance, with the overall effect being sherry trifle against a backbone of roasted malt.

Taste: On the palate you get even more of that Whisky coming through – but it’s boozy rather than peaty, so we think you’ll enjoy it even if Scotch isn’t usually your thing. T

Food Pairing: This beer works really well with red meats. Try it with a nice fillet steak, cooked however you like it.