Time & Tide: BA Bombers & Classic Cans

I always enjoy beers from Tide & Tide.

I remember sinking a couple of pints of Kraken with Sam at The Rake in Bermondsey during our launch week, so in some small way it feels like they are part of our DNA.

It must have been good a good evening because I distinctly recall leaving without my credit card and having to return the following morning!

So let me tell you about the fantastic beer in this box.

BA Bombers & Classic Cans – View Box

Time & Tide have given us three limited release BA Stouts (Deep Water, Kraken and Orange Domino) all in big 750ml bottles that are perfect for sharing with friends over the festive period.

To complete the box we’ve added in three big 440ml cans of Double Jim, and the regular versions of Kraken and Domino.

It’s a great box and it packs the same volume as almost 11 regular (330ml) bottles of beer, so we think it’s great value too at £35.10 (£39 non-members)

Order Yours Now

This is a limited release of 24 boxes from a brewery that’s always been popular with our members, so you’ll have to move quickly if you want one.

It’s also going to be our last box of 2018.

I’ve decided to take a break until the New Year, but we’ll be back with another box before the end of January.

So I’d like to take the opportunity to wish you all a fantastic Christmas, and thank you for your incredible support over the last few months.

Cheers, and here’s to 2019!


Kraken Coffee Stout – ABV 7.4%

This monster is made with cold-brewed coffee, but features a subtle creaminess to add to warming roasted malts that makes it stand out other coffee stouts.

Look: Kraken Coffee Stout pours with a nice light brown head and subtle carbonation.

Aroma: Juts like a latte with three sugars in it.

Taste: There’s none of the suggested sweetness, just lots of roasted malt and coffee.

Food pairing: It works really well alongside the creaminess of an ice-cream or pannacotta. Feeling adventurous? Try pouring it over vanilla ice-cream like an affogato.

Verdict: This Kraken is a beast we would happily face again.

Root of All Evil Beetroot Hefeweizen – ABV 8%

Sweet and nicely spiced, with herbal earthy notes the yeast and beetroot, this bright pink Hefeweizen beer has to be tasted to be understood.

Look: Best served chilled, the beer pours pinkish in the glass with a big foamy head.

Aroma: It has massive aromas of beetroot (duh) with just a hint of forest fruit.

Taste: Sweet with the unmistakable earthiness of beetroot present but never overpowering, and nicely balanced with spiciness the yeast.

Food Pairing: Pair this beer with the salty sharpness of sheep or goat’s cheese. We think it’s the ideal beery accompaniment for a Greek salad.

Verdict: Beetroot. Love it or loathe it, you have to try this sweet, earthy unique brew Time & Tide. It’s like no beer you’ve tasted before.

White Cell White Imperial Stout – ABV 9.7%

This collaboration between Time and Tide and Weird Beard is packed with Sorachi Ace hops, coffee and cocoa nibs for a full-bodied, toffee / mocha coffee finish.

Look: Yellow gold in colour and clear, with a foamy, white head and small levels of carbonation.

Aroma: Cocoa nibs and coffee lead the way with a mocha / milky latte sweetness backed up with biscuity breadiness and waves of toffee and caramel plus some light citrus twangs.

Taste: Full and chewy with more of that sweet milky coffee, biscuit and toffee. Good level of alcohol warmth with more toffee and caramel the cocoa nibs.

Verdict: Sticky, sweet and satisfying – like enjoying a latte and biscuit in one. This is a Cell we would happily be locked up in.

Double Stout – ABV 9%

Malty with red fruits and berries and dark viscous treacle, Time and Tide Brewing’s Double Stout hides its alcohol dangerously well.

Look: T and T’s Double Stout pours an intense dark black with a small brown head

Aroma: Coffee, malts and dark chocolate.

Taste: The beer is big on roasted malt, with more subtle notes of forest berries, treacle and dark chocolate and a slightly creamy mouthfeel.

Verdict: This is a really well balanced Stout that hides its 9% alcohol very well.
Smooth and easy drinking.