Something Something Dark Side Double India Stout – ABV 9.2%

A bang-on Double India Stout with Gem, Citra, Simcoe hops for DIPA-style citrus aromas, plus chocolate, caramel and liquorice the molasses sugar.

Look: The beer pours pitch black in the glass with a tan head.

Aroma: As soon as you smell it you know why they called it a Double India Stout.
Pacific Gem, Citra, Simcoe and Columbus hops combine to give the intense pine and citrus aromas of a double IPA.

Taste: All the above floral hints plus roasted malts, chocolate, liquorice and the sweetness of caramel the addition of molasses and honey.

Verdict: The complexity of all those flavours makes this a top-notch Double India Stout. This is a Dark Side we want to join forces with.

Master of Nuggets Brown Ale – ABV 7.2%

A complex, layered brown ale, Master of Nuggets has sweet red fruit tones Nottingham yeast and spicy pepperiness of American Nugget hops.

Look: The beer pours dark chestnut brown with a decent beige head

Aroma: Slightly nutty thanks to Special B malt with just a little spice and hint of orange

Taste: Slightly sweet with caramel and dried fruit to remind us of a fruit loaf. Overall the sweetness is nicely balanced with bitterness the hops and medium carbonation to make this a refreshing ale.

Food Pairing: Try this beer with a butternut squash and feta pizza. The salty sharpness of the feta is the perfect foil for those sweet nutty flavours, and the bitterness of the hops prevents it all becoming too cloying.

Bearded Nurse Barley Wine – ABV 10.6%

F@#k You I Won’t Brew You Tell Me – ABV 9.3%

We can testify this beer is in your face about hops and bitterness. Bold USA hops work their forces. Centennial, Columbus, Simcoe and Chinook give grapefruit, squeezed orange juice and pine aromas. Swilling in the name of proper DIPAs. Light caramel, more citrus fruits and resin: tasty, dry, we won’t brew what they told us.

Sorachi Faceplant – ABV 8.1%

Batch 8 of Little Things that Kill, our Session IPA was dubbed Sorachi Face Punch. It was hopped with a distinctive combination of Sorachi Ace, Summit and Apollo. It had a slightly savoury citrus edge the Summit and Apollo, then smacked you in the face with the Sorachi Ace. Our crazy brewers had the idea to do a mashup with this recipe of Little Things That Kill and our strongest IPA Holy Hopping Hell. So here it is. Sorachi Face Plant. If you love Sorachi Ace you’ll love this beer.

Safe Stout – ABV 7.7%

This 7.7% Stout is packed full of Chokeberries which creates a complex mouthfeel of bitter-sweet sensation. The aroma comes off with hints of dark chocolate and playful tart fruit notes that create an interwoven full flavoured stout

Full Frontaal – ABV 9.6%

Aroma is like a steaming latte, set in front of you. Brewed expertly with Hasbean Limoncillo Ethiosar Natural coffee beans adding to the thick body and chewiness of the beer style. The cinder toffee notes of the coffee mingle with a walnuttiness and the digestive biscuit flavour of the grain bill. A deliciously bold beer, that’ll stand out stark for its style.

Collaboration with Brouwerij Frontaal

Bourbon Barrel Aged Heaven & Hell – ABV 9.2%

A Heaven Hill barrel aged version of our Holy Hoppin’ Hell DIPA. This beer is big, bold and beautiful when it comes to aroma, flavour and bitterness. The vanilla and marshmallow notes the barrel compliments the slightly chewier malt-bill of this style of beer.

Fire Rauchbier with Chipotles – ABV 6%

Fire is made with smoked malts and infused with chipotles – smoke-dried jalapeno chillies – for seriously flavoursome, smokey-sweet beer.

Aroma: Big, big aromas of smoke and chilli plus some sweet caramel.

Look: Fire Rauchbier pours dark gold with a nice white head.

Taste: Smoked wood and caramel before the heat of chilli kicks in; heat that gradually builds before reaching a plateau after a few sips, but never dominates the smokey sweetness. 

Food Pairing: This firecracker of a beer demands to be paired with authentic Mexican food. Try it with a selection of tacos for fireworks in your mouth.

Verdict: An absolute scorcher; sweet yet fiery – what a mouthful.