Red Eye Flight Mocha Porter – ABV 7.4%

Made with Brazilian coffee beans for an espresso-kick aroma, but with silky chocolate and red fruit notes to create a balanced and very drinkable Porter.

Look: The beer pours jet black with a lovely coffee coloured head.

Aroma: Red Eye Flight is made with Brazilian coffee beans and that’s exactly what you get along with a little caramel and cocoa.

Taste: Again full of coffee, but with a velvety chocolate finish and just a hint of forest fruits.

Verdict: Just the right level of bitterness the hops makes this an exceptionally well balanced and drinkable Porter. Never a bad beer Tempest.

White Russian Imperial Stout – ABV 9%

A distinctly different variant of Partizan’s excellent Stout, amped up to 9% and with honey, cocoa nibs and coffee, for a creamy mouthfeel and warm, boozy buzz.

Look: Just like the regular version, it pours black-brown with a frothy tan-brown head.

Aroma: The new variant of the Stout has sweet lactose sugars, chocolate and espresso – exactly like a White Russian cocktail.

Taste: Sweetness the honey alongside roasted chocolate malt and coffee – plus a bit of extra warmth the higher ABV.

Verdict: It’s only when you sip the White Russian that the beer truly reveals itself as a full-on Dessert Stout. It’s sweet, creamy and delicious.

Leeds Lurking Cherry Coffee Imperial Porter – ABV 10%

A beautiful-looking porter that’s dark and rich, with similarly gorgeous can artwork by photographer Tom Joy, this is a collab with Other Half New York.

Look: Clear brown-black colour with a large, off-white frothy head. Soft carbonation and great lacing that lasts.

Aroma: Malty and sweet; loads of sweet cherry and chocolate notes, with some coffee beans underneath.

Taste: Huge roasted malt and coffee hits for persistent, bittersweet layers. More cherry notes fading to dark sweet malt. Medium- to full-bodied.

Verdict:  This is one lurker we actually want to stick around.

Sublime Chaos Breakfast Stout – ABV 7%

The ‘Best Stout in Europe’ at the World Beer Awards 2015, this huge sticky breakfast stout is made with Ethiopian coffee beans and dry crisp New Zealand hops.

Look: Black pour with a thick pale tan head on top and average carbonation.

Aroma: Loads of rich black coffee and mocha, plus some chocolate and roasted malts.

Taste: Again plenty of coffee and chocolate with the roasted malts coming through stronger. A nice balance of caramel and toffee, nutty sweetness and dry bitter finish in a medium body.

Verdict: Sublime? Absolutely. Chaos? I’m not sure about that. I think these guys knew exactly what they were doing – and it seems like the World Beer Awards 2015 think so too.

Imperial Cafe Racer – ABV 8.5%

Collaboration with Devil’s Peak, amped up with Kenyan espresso and Bourbon vanilla Madgascar.

Look: Pours opaque black with a small beige head.

Aroma: Chocolate, coffee and vanilla.

Taste: Big on the roasted malt, with dark chocolate balanced out with sweet caramel and vanilla.

Verdict: Just the kind of rich dessert Stout we love; rich, complex and satisfyingly boozy. Curl up on the sofa and enjoy sipping this one.

Double Dark Alliance Coffee Imperial Stout – ABV 9.2%

Whiskey Imperial Stout – ABV 7.4%

BB date May 2018 but is ageing niceley!

English pale and roasted malts give a rich, full body to this strong stout. The alcohol and high final gravity create a sweetness balanced with the bitterness the high alpha English Admiral hops. Dark chocolate, coffee, black treacle and hints of Bourbon Oak.

Unfined, naturally hazy, and suitable for vegans.

Full Frontaal – ABV 9.6%

Aroma is like a steaming latte, set in front of you. Brewed expertly with Hasbean Limoncillo Ethiosar Natural coffee beans adding to the thick body and chewiness of the beer style. The cinder toffee notes of the coffee mingle with a walnuttiness and the digestive biscuit flavour of the grain bill. A deliciously bold beer, that’ll stand out stark for its style.

Collaboration with Brouwerij Frontaal

Extra Porter – ABV 7.4%

A coffee-lovers dream, this classy Porter is infused with cacao nibs and El Limon Bourbon Guatamalen coffee beans.

Look: Dark brown with a medium beige head.

Aroma: Rich roasted malt and coffee. 

Taste: Deeply roasted malt, dark chocolate, coffee and vanilla balanced out with a little sweetness. 

Verdict: Rich, dark, complex, smooth and sophisticated. That’s enough about me, now drink this beer, because it’s absolutely wonderful.  

CC Porter – ABV 7.7%

Beautiful coffee and coconut porter made with golding hops.

Look: Black beer with a beige head.

Aroma: Coconut, caramel and fruity hops.

Taste: Lots of coconut, which gives way to roasted malts and then a nice fruity, hoppy coffee finish. 

Verdict: This beer wouldn’t be any bigger on coconut if it started firing them at you a cannon. Fortune favours the brave when it comes to flavour combinations, and this one has really paid off for the brewers at Uiltje.