Big Milk Stout – ABV 8.8%

It’s Big, its Milky and its Stouty! What more do you need? With Vanilla pods added to the brew this stout is a rich chocolaty delight.

Imperial Tonkoko – ABV 8.3%

A beefed up, imperial Tonkoko! Expect an even bigger coconut, Tonka, Cacao & Vanilla hit, to compliment the extra abv. Wrapped in a creamy sweet milk stout.

Cookie Dough – ABV 7.4%

White Stout. The inspiration here was to recreate the sweet vanilla goodness of classic cookie dough, with chocolate chips for good measure! Rum barrel aged coffee adds a unique nuttiness and depth of flavour, while lactose, oats and wheat develop the smooth mouthfeel.

Stout – ABV 7.0%

Very dark, coffee, stewed fruits, dark chocolate. Big roast and acidity, very rich. It’s sexier than velvet.

Big Hole In’t Road – ABV 8.5%

With lashings of liquorice, dark chocolate and treacle, this is a superb Stout.
It pours road tar black, thick and unctuous, and smells of window putty and prunes.
Taking a mouthful is plunging yourself into the depths of a big black Beery hole, fathoms of flavour bounce around your head, aniseed and tamarind to toffee, coffee and honey, burned wholemeal toast, coal tar soap and bitter chocolate.

There’s some much needed hazel leaf and bracken pithy hedgerow hopping that adds a splash of brightness, but altogether this is a beer about the darker side of drinking, a beer to sink into


Midnight Anthracite – ABV 9.0%

Whisky and Fig aged Imperial Russian Stout

Cher & Choco – ABV 10.0%

Fôret Noir imperial stout.

Beavertown Heavy Water – ABV 10.4%

A decadent liquid dessert constructed of fresh Raspberries, warm chocolate and liquoricey treacle that fills your nose with warm, sticky comforting flavours. The palate goes deeper and more complex with a heady hit of sweet raspberry tartness, bitter dark Javan chocolate burnt vanilla and nutty caramel notes that lead to a long lingering finish of bitter fresh vanilla pods, raspberries and a dusting of cocoa. Pure gluttony.

Contains Lactose.

330ml can

SAFETY NOTICE: Does not contain actual heavy water.

2018 release

Limited release – 4 cans max per customer

Still Not Found What You’re Looking For? – ABV 8.0%

This Oat Stout has traveled over the highest mountains as well as through the fields, only to be with you… only to be with you.

Whiskey Imperial Stout – ABV 7.4%

BB date May 2018 but is ageing niceley!

English pale and roasted malts give a rich, full body to this strong stout. The alcohol and high final gravity create a sweetness balanced with the bitterness the high alpha English Admiral hops. Dark chocolate, coffee, black treacle and hints of Bourbon Oak.

Unfined, naturally hazy, and suitable for vegans.