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Does it taste of fish? 5 of the best-rated Oyster Stouts

With the exception of a few production techniques that use isinglass and gelatine, it’s not often that beers are unsuitable for vegetarians. Even rarer is when a beer is non-veggie-friendly because of its very ingredients, yet imperial oyster stout is one of the few drinks that can lay claim to this title. Because some breweries that produce oyster […]

The North London Craft Beer Route

Could this be North London’s answer to the Bermondsey Beer Mile? We took a trip to explore some of North London’s best spots for craft beer, from the lofty heights of Highgate Village to the fringe of the congestion zone. Here’s the map. There’s about 15 minutes walking between each pub (total walk of c.6km), […]

A brief history of Imperial Strength Beer

We can track the origins of Imperial beer back to the 1720s in London when Porter became popular in the City (especially with porters; hence its name). Porter had a strong flavour, took longer to spoil not being easily affected by heat and increased in alcohol with age. Perhaps crucially it was also cheaper than […]