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In To The Clouds – ABV 9.6%

Triple IPA brewed in collaboration with Sori Brewing

Tropical Rubicon Courage – ABV 8.0%

A double IPA with Citra, Amarillo and Sorachi Ace with notes of Piña Colada.

Apistogramma – ABV 8.7%

Brouwerij Frontaal makes the meanest NEIPAs in the low countries, Brewpub De Kromme Haring is known for its adventurous choices in all things yeast-related. The Apistogramma is a proper collaboration: an outrageous New England style Double IPA with two types of yeast and a huge amount of interesting hops. Take the plunge and explore these tropical waters with us!

Mother’s Ruin – ABV 7.0%

Masses of Juniper berries, with a selection of other traditional gin botanicals, provide a huge fruity, resinous and piney aroma to this internationally hopped beer.

Deliverance – ABV 9.0%

A DIPA that showcases some of the biggest, boldest and juiciest hops around.

Citra, Vic Secret & Mosaic, with quantities at 25g hops per litre.

Mets Black – ABV 7.0%

A forest-inspired black IPA brewed with hand picked spruce tips and forest blueberries.

Taste: A rich citrus hop character and intense lemony touch spruce tips hit the tongue first. Berries and red fruits – blueberries, raspberries, and redcurrant come through, balanced by an assertive bitterness. Slight coffee notes compliment a rich caramel maltiness.

Mind Control – ABV 8.0%

An 8% double IPA using Golden Promise, Oats and Wheat in the mash for a smooth rounded mouthfeel. Heavily hopped in whirlpool and dry-hop at around 13g/l with Simcoe, Amarillo, CTZ and Mosaic Lupulin powder, de-bittered leaf pellets and LupuLN2 pellets. The hops giving familiar citrus and stone fruit flavours with a slightly dank edge. The beer was fermented with London Ale II, which adds a berry/stone fruit aroma and a slightly sweet finish.

Sorachi Faceplant – ABV 8.1%

Batch 8 of Little Things that Kill, our Session IPA was dubbed Sorachi Face Punch. It was hopped with a distinctive combination of Sorachi Ace, Summit and Apollo. It had a slightly savoury citrus edge the Summit and Apollo, then smacked you in the face with the Sorachi Ace. Our crazy brewers had the idea to do a mashup with this recipe of Little Things That Kill and our strongest IPA Holy Hopping Hell. So here it is. Sorachi Face Plant. If you love Sorachi Ace you’ll love this beer.

51/50 Grapefruit IPA – ABV 7.2%

Ironfire Brewing have taken their iconic 51/50 IPA and have taken it to the next level. By adding plenty of fresh grapefruit, they have created a brew that is hop heavy but still extremely crushable.An IronFire ale for outlaws. With its pungent and dank hop flavour, 51/50 IPA isn’t for those looking for a ‘balanced’ beer. Instead, this is a classic San Diego style IPA with minimal malt flavour, so the hops shine through and blow your mind. Why call it 51/50? Because they’d have to be crazy to put this amount of hops in a beer.

Alligator Tugboat – ABV 7.2%

A West Coast style IPA hopped with Simcoe. A big hitter to get your teeth into.