Sorachi Faceplant – ABV 8.1%

Batch 8 of Little Things that Kill, our Session IPA was dubbed Sorachi Face Punch. It was hopped with a distinctive combination of Sorachi Ace, Summit and Apollo. It had a slightly savoury citrus edge the Summit and Apollo, then smacked you in the face with the Sorachi Ace. Our crazy brewers had the idea to do a mashup with this recipe of Little Things That Kill and our strongest IPA Holy Hopping Hell. So here it is. Sorachi Face Plant. If you love Sorachi Ace you’ll love this beer.

Hybrid DIPA – ABV 8.7%

Five Point’s first ever DIPA, uses an unusual hybrid Kudriavzevii strain which gives a gentle spicy Belgian yeast character to complement lush, stone-fruit flavours of apricot, peach and mango the hops.

Hybrid DIPA was brewed with Wild Beer Co.

Botany of Desire – ABV 8.7%

An 8.7% Double IPA, featuring house Golden Promise, Wheat Malt and Pinhead Oats for a creamy hazy body. Hopped at around 18g/l with Mosaic, Citra, Simcoe and Denali which give tropical pineapple, citrus and stone fruit flavours and then fermented with a mixture of WLP644M (Brett Trois) and our house WLP001 (US ale yeast) for a bright tropical aroma and tart finish reminiscent of breakfast juice. We also added over 100kg of honey in fermentation which adds a perception of natural sweetness to the finish. The name is taken a 2001 book by the journalist Michael Pollan.

Drifter – ABV 7.0%

Drifter is our original New England IPA. This year’s batch comes loaded with two kinds of oats, wheat, Lallemand’s NE yeast and ekuanot BBC pellets alongside azalea and El Dorado.


Blood Orange Wheat DIPA – ABV 7.4%

Originally brewed as a small batch special for our 100th Brew Party, this recipe has been a firm favourite ever since. Our Blood Orange Wheat Douple IPA is brewed using the real juice and zest of perfectly in season blood oranges.

Bourbon Barrel Aged Heaven & Hell – ABV 9.2%

A Heaven Hill barrel aged version of our Holy Hoppin’ Hell DIPA. This beer is big, bold and beautiful when it comes to aroma, flavour and bitterness. The vanilla and marshmallow notes the barrel compliments the slightly chewier malt-bill of this style of beer.

Citra DIPA – ABV 8.0%

A behemoth of a beer to celebrate our favourite time of the year making a welcome return; presenting our first ever DIPA. We’ve packed this one with a massive 30kg of our favourite Citra hops; resulting in an absolute explosion of juicy hop flavour.

Imperial IPA – ABV 9.5%

This unashamedly old-school imperial IPA is a golden hazy colour with sweet dried fruit and orange marmalade notes, plus lots of alcohol warmth and toffee.

Look: It pours golden in the glass with a small slightly off-white head :

Aroma: Lovely sunshine notes of citrus, pine and just a hint of pineapple.

Taste: First you get grapefruit and orange marmalade with lots of booziness, set against a backbone of slightly sweet toffee and dried fruit.

Food pairing: The beer sits slightly toward the sweeter end of the spectrum for a strong IPA so try serving it with sticky, sweet jerk chicken.

The hops will cut right through any grease, while the spices accentuate the booziness of the beer. Win-win.

SitiS Imperial IPA – ABV 8.5%

Dedicated to “many years of admiration and friendship” between De Molen and Omnipollo, the Citra and Columbus hops make this IPA sweet hazy and bitter.

Look: Amber-orange and hazy with a small white head.

Aroma: Sweet and fruity; it’s bursting with pineapple, orange and zesty lemon.

Taste: Boozy and robust malts with notes of pine, tropical fruit and some hoppy bitterness. Lasting sweetness in the finish.

Verdict: A fitting dedication to years of friendship. Long may it continue!

Revolutionary ABV 8.5%

This rebel is brewed with a huge blend of new age hops, olicana (UK), rakau (NZ), Styrian wolf (Slovenia), and summit & columbus (USA). Challenge your taste buds with this powerful onslaught of flavour; then embrace & champion!.