Jaapie Imperial Red Ale – ABV 9.4%

It’s just like a Belgian Red but with everything amplified – fruit, sweetness and alcohol and even banana creaminess. FC Feyenoord would be proud.

Look: Jaapie pours bright red in the glass, with a thin white head that is gone in the blink of an eye.

Aroma: Red berries, sweet malt and lots of fruity esters the yeast.

Taste: All the above plus plums, raspberries and banana creaminess.

Verdict: We are told Jaapie was named after Jaap Valkhoff – a singer Katendrecht on the Rotterdam peninsula where the brewery is based – who wrote the FC Feyenoord club song “Hand in Hand”. We don’t know what you’ll make of the song, but the beer is absolutely terrific.