Have you seen Nippy?

Could you please keep an eye out for Nippy, our pet tarantula?

He’s gone missing and we’re really keen to get him back.

We thought he was hibernating in an empty beer box (he loves the foam pellets we use to protect our beer) but when we checked on him this morning he was nowhere to be found.

We’re now coming to terms with the fact he must have crawled into a box we have shipped to one of our members – so we’re asking you to check any discarded packaging received from us in the past 6 weeks. Even if you put packaging out for recycling there’s a good chance he’ll have found his way back inside yours or a neighbours house.

Places to check include slippers, under your bed, duvet covers and pillow cases.  He will have made a beeline for somewhere warm, comfortable and dark.

He’s generally very friendly but could react badly if he feels threatened.

Things to bear in mind:

  1. He can jump up to 4 feet in the air
  2. He really doesn’t like Simon Cowell. He’s rubbish at facial recognition, but if he hears his voice he goes mad. Neoprene waistbands are incredibly triggering too.

We suggest a full-face PPE visor and that you untuck your shirt or t-shirt before approaching him.

If you do think you have found him please email us at support@imperialbeerclub.com so we can come and collect him.

Thanks very much in anticipation of your help, and if you’ve read this far we suggest checking the date of this notice to avoid confusion.

Love Imperial Beer Club x

1st April 2021