Old Ford Export Stout – ABV 7.5%

Columbus hops guide this London-born Stout through a sea of full-bodied coffee and dark chocolate, with some roasted barley bitterness, sweet malts and spiciness.

Look: This is borderline black IPA territory: an inky black cola-coloured pour with a creamy brown head.

Nose: A rich malt backdrop hosts espresso, burned toffee, dark chocolate, treacly molasses and a hint of cherry.

Taste: Complex and full-bodied thanks to the Columbus and Simcoe hops. Layers of sweetness, including cherry and forest fruits, sit on top of roasted barley bitterness. Under that comes earthy spice before a long, lingering rich and toasted malt finish.

Verdict: Much like one of my old favourite TV shows, The Big Breakfast, which was filmed in the Old Ford area, this is as full of character as Johnny Vaughan, as lovely as Denise Van Outen – and easily enjoyed every day of the week.